Through life, we continuously influence one another with our essential being, in the way we act and interact. Conscious and unconscious energies, modes, states and all kind of information are transmitted from one to the other on all psychic, emotional and body layers and all levels from organs to cells.

Erogenetic brings deeper insight and understanding of these fascinating life processes going from prenatal (before birth) until adulthood. The purpose is to uncover genetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual topics and re-discover latent potentials which are dedicated to influence our daily life in positive way.

Erogenetic brings structure and clarity to our life topics by connecting them with certain development phase, emotional organ and element. This determines certain needs and steps which need to be done to move forward in the life. Erogenetic is focused on personal sources and individuality of each person, instead of introducing general solutions followed by adapting the person on them.

The 4-year training in Erogenetic is now available for those who are working with therapy such as psychotherapist, massage or acupuncture therapist and related professions or have certain experience in self-development. The system fits for both body and verbal therapy. The training contains self-experiences and techniques of bodywork, massage, role-playing, drama, constellation and analysis.

Not interested in the training but want to have self-experience?

Sign in 4-days long body-psychotherapeutic Erogenetic intensive. It is very open and deep process working with base construction of our life, using constellation technique as well as work with emotions and energies which appears in resonance with music. 

Not having enough time for intensive but interested in some self-experience?

Sign in via email to Erogenetic weekend. We will work in the group but individual way, as Grace says “technique is here to adjust to client, not vice versa, when client tries to adjust him/her self to the technique”.


Erogenetic groups are lead by founder of Erogenetic – Gussie Grace Wallem (Denmark), senior body-psychotherapist and trainer.

After studies in London Grace was engaged in instute of biodynamic psychotherapy by her aunt Gerda Boyesen. Using her medial talents she started work with clients in her late teenage. Later she practiced in psychology and psychiatric care in Hamburg and using acupunture and psycho-kinesiology. In late 80′s she united her experienced in psychology and psychotherapeutic system Erogenetic. Currently she provides Erogenetic sessions both individual and group and her teaching in Erogenetic training.


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