Erogenetic intensive

Erogenetic supports our primary personality and opens way to our love, passion and life mission. On this intensive workshop you will have personal 2-3 hours long session supported by music you choose prior the workshop. The music creates strong emotional and energetic field and let us go deep inside to reach the layer of primary personality which Grace calls “our inner gold“.

“Music touches us deeper than any word does. It cannot be manipulated. Whatever speaks through it is our inner truth. It is almost unbelievable how precisely the music can mirror everything we have been experiencing or longing for in our childhood and growing up.” — Grace Wallem

The workshop is lead by senior body-psychotherapist G. Grace Wallem (Denmark) in english with translation english-czech.

Erogenetic constellation work is based on understanding of topics of each childhood phase, emotional functions of inner organs as well as existential and archaic dynamic. It is not derived from Hellinger’s systemic constellation, neither from any other well known constellation work. It is very open and deep process working with base construction of our life, using constellation technique as well as work with emotions and energies which appears in resonance with music.

“It was very strong experience, stronger than I expected. There was huge openness and trust in the group. Grace can heal in sensitive way and help deepest wounds to recover.” — Jirka

As a participant in this workshop you bring your favourite music from the past or the present time that touches you. It might bring feelings as: heartache, loneliness, aggression, despair, joy, desire to dance or move, longing, sadness, romance, passion, euphoria, melancholy etc. If you are not sure good choice is music from teenage since we are connected to variety of strong emotions that period of lifetime. Though it can also be music from other time of your life by which you feel touched or you feel odd with the music, it triggers something strong inside you though you are not able to name it. It can be either dance music or slow, either popular or instrumental, short or long, it can be any music.

Date: Wed to Sun 2020 Apr 29 to May 3, staring at 6pm with dinner, programme begins at 7pm.

Venue: Dům jógy v Hlavici, Hlavice 15 (close to Mnichovo hradiště, about 1.5 hrs from Prague).

The venue is nice comfortable building at the end of small village Hlavice in a splendid countryside surrounded by hills, forrests, meadows and gardens.

If you need to stay with small baby, you can come with your partner or family relative, who will do babysitting and make vacation together. Sweat lodge and tea room is also available.

Rooms have their own bathroom. Meals are vegeterian with vegan or gluten-free option.

Price 7100 Kc /278 EUR;  Dormitory in 3-5 bed rooms and tasty vegetarian meal and all other payments: 3250 Kc / 128 EUR.

Private room can be purchased for supplementary charge 1000 Kc /40 EUR for all 4 nights.

Register here by filling the form. The capacity is limited to 12 participants.

“This workshop really changes our life! I can only recommend it. Even today I’m still receiving from my own experience one and half year ago.” — Ivana

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